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Walid, the Tunisian Rooster

The story continues....

Walid fixed.jpg

About a year ago, I arrived in Tunisia for a due diligence meeting. I get to the airport and I could already feel the culture change within a second. As I was waiting to change some money, I saw a man wrapped up in a long white robe, Middle Eastern style.  In any case, he was really looking like a super confident but the fact that he was in a robe as opposed to a suit kept me mezmerized. Moreover, he was looking ultra confident and like all roosters, was holding an iPhone. So when I got back to Luxembourg, I painted my impression of the ultimate Tunisian rooster, dressed in the long robe, wearing the red hat and holding some grocery bag to give the feeling of a souq. I named him Walid after the name of the liaison officer of the client. 

As a complement to my rooster, I also created a complimentary diptych piece inspired by the Tunis skyline. 

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