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Roosters currently    featured at

imperial hair concept cmyk.jpg

In the past

hotel universite cmyk.jpg
kapunka cmyk.jpg
spa escape cmyk.jpg

Group shows

ala brussels.JPG

I participated in my first group show with the Nathalie Auzepy gallery in Brussels. 

florence bienalle invite.jpg

I was also invited to participate in the 14th edition of the Florence Biennale.

Individual shows

invite show 2 idea 1.jpg
poster Alicja EIB_edited.jpg

I had the pleasure to have my entire rooster collection exhibited in two places right at inception if the Rooster project.


Baby its cold outside - Solo exhibit - PKI Building - Luxembourg

Rooster show featured in the atrium of this shared corporate building.


Not your average rooster - debut show - European Investment Bank

I had my debut show featuring the entire rooster collection  in the East-West passage of the EIB HQ building for three weeks.

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