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oliver living room mock up.jpg

I originally painted David the original rooster while I was temporarily staying at Oliver's house between my stint working in Prague and my current life in Luxembourg. Oliver had a pad for himself close by to where I used to live. He was just a bit further up the area. It was a funky place filled with furniture and music. Oliver was happy to take care as well. He was the type of guy that just does that. 

Hello Darling!

Oliver was a highly enthusiastic kind of dude. He would always greet me with "Hello Darling !" His look was of like the relaxed gentleman, which often included a men's vest and a pocket scarf. Oliver loved life despite being penniless: it was about travel, entrepreneurship, his trips DJ-ing in Kenya, his former wine business that crashed in the Ukraine.... He cooked super well too. A man that cares, says Hello Darling and cooks for his female friends? One would consider him a bit feminine but I can assure you he was straight. This is why I painted him in pink and purple... So what made him a rooster? His German business acumen. He would work on his project all day in a very disciplined manner. It was impressive! Were there any results, not really, but he had a great time doing it. 

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